Lunch date

I had a great day yesterday, hubby and I got a chance to go out for lunch which we really don't get to do to often.  Do you ever play this game when you are trying to decide where to go to eat? So honey where do you want to go? Ummm I don't know, where do you want to go?  Yeah, this is us and you'd think since our lunch dates are rare we'd know exactly where we want to go, right?  Finally after some more debate, we decided on a local BBQ restaurant and had a great time together.  It's nice to have uninterrupted adult conversation with your spouse every now and then.
Since hubby had more time before he had to get back to work I thought maybe he would like to join me for a trip down to our local Neighborhood Thrift Store.  He loves to go thrifting more than I do so I knew it wouldn't be a hard sale, hehe!!

We moseyed on in and did our little tour of the place and scouted out some of their new stuff.  I have to admit I go in there quite often and I know what's new and what isn't.  Is it bad they know me in there, and I'm never afraid to ask for a discount?  Nope!  Anyway, I spotted this brand new used black pedestal table with 4 matching chairs and it was in near perfect condition.  No joke at all.  Hubby came over to see it and he even gave me that look like we better jump on this and not let it go.  Note to self: If you ever see something you like and it's affordable you better get it or it WILL be gone.  We talked a little more about it and both agreed with two thumbs up!  Oh yeah, we were coming home with a new(to us) black, pedestal table and chairs.

It's funny because I have been looking and dreaming at new pedestal tables and chairs for a long time, but just couldn't do it.  Here are a couple beauties I've been looking at....

Image Pottery Barn

Image Crate and Barrel

Image Ballard Design

OK Andrea, get your head out of the clouds!!  Here's our kitchen workhorse table and chairs, they are about 10 years old(not too old) and have been beat loved on by two toddlers with forks in hands.  They are gouged and nicked up all over the place.  My hubby even put a couple coats of polyurethane on the table top to protect and it's worn through but it did serve us well.  In my opinion, it owes us nothing, nada, zilch!

A closer look, they are worn and wobbly.

All nestled in my kitchen like it was meant to be, and it really is a better fit since it's round.  We have so much more room to walk around and through into the family room.   

Here's a wrap up of the deal.  The initial price for the 5 piece set was $229, but I talked them down to $180.  Considering the price of a table alone from Pottery Barn is about $899. I think we came out ahead and we are planning to sell the old set in our spring garage sale. 


  1. High Five, Andrea! That's a great set- I love the pedestal table and the chairs are a really nice shape. They look fantastic in your kitchen! You and your husband should go on more lunch dates!!!

  2. Oh YEAH! You did well there, for sure!! Looks like a beautiful addition to your home!


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