My Launch Pad- Take One

Oh the beauty of walking through the front door and tripping over shoes or skis, book bags, and coats. Yes, this is what you would see at our house around 3:30pm on any given school day.  Can someone please help me, I can't stand it!  The clutter drives me crazy, oh wait Mr. B already thinks I'm crazy anyway so carry on! 

So after almost 5 minutes which should be more than enough time to say "Hi girls, how was your day, and oh don't forget to wash your hands...." I come through like a Fairly God Mother, wave my wand and say "abracadabra" and the mess is gone!  Just like that!  If only, I wish...no, what really happens is I hang all the coats up in the closet(where they are suppose to go) move the book bags out harms way, and place the shoes in a basket right around the corner.    Now you can see how badly I need an organized launch pad


Found this handmade bench while thrifting, just perfect to sit on
while putting on your shoes, right?  Not sure if this will fit in my small space.

Scored this shoe rack at the Re-Store for one buckaroo.  This might
work better for the space AND it can be spray painted.  Two thumbs up!

Challenged?  Yes Maybe a little, but I am up for it and I will be back
by the end of the week to show you what I've done, no pressure...

Have a great week-

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  1. I can't wait to see what you do, Andrea! No pressure, though!! BTW, I really like your carpet in front of the door.


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