Garage Sale

It's that time of the year, oh yes it's garage sale time!  We have a sub-division garage sale twice a year and I love walking around the neighborhood trying to find a bargain.  When my girls were younger, my mission was to find gently used clothing, but now it's harder since they are older.  However, I do try to go to the houses with older teenage girls to see if they have anything worth while.  Sometimes I luck out and other times not so much, but that's half the fun, right?   

Here are a couple goodies I spotted while out and about.  These were all found at my friend Trisha's home, she has had some awesome pieces for sale.  Let's just say my budget was almost gone before I left her house.  Plus she was gracious enough to let me take some pictures of her stuff, not sure if too many people would like someone walking around taking crazy pictures of their junk stuff! 

Beautiful colored Hemingray Insulators

Old, heavy mirror with a date stamp of 1871 on the back

Have you been to any garage sales yet this year?  What have you found? 
We sold a couple items today like our old kitchen table, an old bicycle, and some DS games. 


  1. Hey Andrea...I totally want that little oil lantern in the last picture. The one with the blue bottom. So charming! I think I'm going to finally get a blue front door. I have painters coming next week to paint my kitchen and I'm going to see if they will paint my door too...I could do it myself but I'm thinking they might do a better job. Out with the red and in with the blue! Have a great week...~Ann

  2. Great looking treasures, Andrea! I love those wooden window frames- did you buy those? Our neighbourhood is having a garage sale at the end of May. I always seem to come out even in terms of cash and stuff!

  3. Wow...all kinds of neat stuff!!

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