Good morning all!

I'm linking up today to Debbiedoo's Pet Party to show off "Layla" today.  She is our rescue cat that we adopted back in December 2010 from the local Humane Society.  Her description was listed as a grey tabby, but really a mutt.  With that being said I think she might have some Siamese in her because she's a talker.  Her personality is pretty much like any other cat.  She's lovey when she wants to be and that sums it up. I have to honest though she is my cat.  When I'm gone working out of town she looks up at my husband with her big eyes and without being able to talk he knows what she's thinking.  "Where is she, where did she go?"  I'm not kidding, she is a little lost when I'm not here.  As I writing this post she is up on the desk right in the way.

All in all, she brings love and joy to our home and is treated like a queen.  We love her and couldn't imagine our home without her, well sometimes.

Here she is in the way (always) when I am working on my pantry makeover

My "Allycat"!

Have a great weekend-


  1. Layla is just gorgeous, as is your daughter:) Thanks so much for sharing with Lucy at the party. Have fun!

  2. Gorgeous kitty. She looks a lot like our Tigger. He is a talker too, so maybe Tabbys are more verbal? Layla must be a lot of fun. :)

  3. So cute she misses you when you are gone :) What a sweetheart! And I love the face paint!


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