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Hello and welcome to this week's Simple Friday! 
I am not sure about you, but my weeks fly by and before I know it, it's Friday again...not that I am complaining because I love Friday's.  Anyhoo, I was thinking about what I was going to talk about this week and came up with a great idea.  I was looking through some old pictures and came across my Halloween pictures from 2010.  Keep in mind this is before I started blogging for real so yeah......here it goes
WARNING: Not the best picture quality with no editing at all, hey I was just starting out and playing around with the idea of blogging.  I am so glad I did.
My attempt at a Halloween mantel, I used a free printable and my daughter made the 31 for me. I bought the garland, chandelier, and spiders from Micheal's and used what I had around the house.
You gotta love these little, black crows, I bought these at the Dollar Tree.  Every spooky mantel needs a couple, right?

Skulls from the good ole Dollar Tree, last year the Dollar Tree rocked for Halloween decorations.  
Not so much this year.
Now this little display was pretty cool if I do say myself.  

Outside pictures. Wow, those hands and feet look so real, not!  Again found all of these at the Dollar Tree.  The tombstones were a steal because they sell the same thing at other stores for ten times the price. I laugh now at these pictures, but I've learned a ton from blogging and by following some of the most creative and wonderful people.

Now the real challenge, let's see what I can do this year. Thank you for stopping by, would love for you to follow along and on my Our Blue Front Door Facebook page...

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Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. This is my kind of Hallowe'en decor, Andrea! We do something similar and after seeing yours I can't wait to put everything out this weekend.

    I know what you mean about the weeks just flying by....it's hard to keep up with the old blog thing.

  2. How fun! I love looking at holiday decorations from years past to help form ideas for the upcoming holidays. Thanks for sharing and for linking to my party.


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