Living Room Update

Ok, here it is...our new living room furniture

   No not this one, this is our old leather couch sitting in the dining room,
just waiting for a ride up north....

Our big plan was to move the "old" furniture to the basement to the Man Cave, but those
plans backfired.  The puffy couch wouldn't fit down the stairs so we had to go to plan B. 
Hubby solicited on Facebook about getting rid of the couch and the first person
to reply could have it for FREE, but you have to come get it.  Yes, I said freeeee....it felt
good too. His sister quickly chimed in and said "we'll take it". They came and picked it up 
and we were so happy to keep it in the family. Score! 

Can you say love?  I do love everything about it; color, clean lines, comfortable, and my feet touch the ground when I sit on it.  You have to know what I am talking about when you try out new furniture and it just doesn't fit your legs properly. 

This was the matching chair with the couch and just loved the pattern.  Hubby was adamant on this chair.  It was a little more expensive than I would have liked, but he talked me into it and it did match.  It too is so comfortable and over sized, perfect for snuggling into with a good book. 

You know who's chair this is, don't ya?  Hubby's! 

While we were shopping I really wanted to get two different chairs instead of a love seat.  Have you ever priced love seats?  They are only $90 to $100 dollars less than the price of a couch.  If you have the room you might as well get two couches for the money, right?  So this recliner was on sale and was the last one because I guess the manufacturer had gone out of business. Hubby sat in it, reclined it, took a nap and was happy to report it met his standards.  Mind you he's 6'3" and it's challenging at times to find a recliner to fit him.  The color is a rich brown and went well with the rest of the pieces.       

Now all I need is some color in there, any ideas you want to share...I would love to hear them


  1. Very pretty. I love the pattern on that chair!

  2. Love the color too! We have been thinking about a new couch and chair too, love yours and I think just about any color that you liked would go! Enjoy!

  3. Yep! It's gorgeous! Is it hard to leave the room? I would want to sit there all day. :)

  4. I love your new furniture. Your hubby had to talk you into spending money? Lucky girl!!!

    I really like the way the blues pillows look with your furniture, so that would be the way I'd probably go.


  5. I love your new furniture! The chair looks so comfy and I love the fabric.

    The blue pillows look really nice so I would add pops of blue in the room. A pretty throw, candles and maybe some lampshades with a pattern/colors.

    Your gallery wall looks great too!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  6. Hi Honey, I love my new chair!

  7. Loving the furniture! I do know what you mean about feet touching the floor when you sit down!! So important!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  8. I like the colors! I am a new follower. Saw you on At The Picket Fence Link. Please visit me at Hibiscus House anytime.

  9. I thought for sure I had commented on this post but I don't see it...sorry! I love your new furniture and I think every home in America has a dad chair. You did a great job on everything. Love the pillows. :o)

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