Winter Mantel in 2012

 Well I am not sure about you but I have been struggling with how to
decorate my mantel after the holidays. I wanted so badly to skip
winter and move right into Spring, but it's not Spring even though it feels
like it outside. Reality check here, it's early January and
we are right in the middle of winter.   

Tried to keep it simple.  I bought this round mirror after Christmas
at Hobby Lobby, it was not cheap but did get it for 50% off.  Besides,
I can use this mirror all over the house, right?  Justification here...

(notice the hour glass...waiting on Spring)
As I looked through all of my pictures I could not find a
single picture of "winter" or snow without a child in it.  I goggled
winter pictures and came across Shutterstock and found some
of the most beautiful pictures.  I found this picture with the park bench,
 snow packed tress, and a brilliant blue sky. Perfect!  Just what I was
looking for.

I still needed to fill some of the space so I brought out my lattice chalkboard.
I found a quote here, it's not winterish but does mention wind.  It's done and
I love how it turned out and before you know it, it will be Spring. 

I'll be back soon with a sneak peak of our new living room furniture and a winner
of the $25 Pottery Barn gift card..... 


  1. It looks great Andrea! When I took down my Christmas decor from my "mantel" (top of my hutch in the kitchen) I put lots of bright colored things, but it's bugged me ever since. You're right, it's still winter and way to early for Spring. You pics just pushed me to change it tomorrow. ; )

    Can't wait to see you new furniture and how your living room turns out.

    ~ Catie

  2. Beautiful, Andrea! I love the layered look and the two white vases on either end of the mantel.

    I think the mirror was a very smart purchase and you'll be able to use it in many, may spots in the house. I'm excited to see your new furniture, too!

  3. This looks so fresh and new. Love the picture you printed. Honestly, I never would have thought of that! Looking forward to seeing your new furniture. Have a really good week!

  4. Your mantel looks great Andrea! The photo you found is perfect for winter. I love the mirror too - you will be able to do so much with it. Can't wait to see your new furniture.

    Lori : )

  5. We can dream though right? I would love for spring to be here but we really can't complain as we have had barely any snow which is nice!

    I love that mirror. Very pretty.

  6. I love love love your mantel!! I love how you've layered everything together. And, I can't get enough chalkboards. I've put one on more than a few mantel redos. They just go with everything!!

    THanks for linking it up to my first party! You rock!

  7. You did a wonderful job. It looks great and I just love your new mirror. I've been wanting to skip to Spring too, funny thought it was just me!

  8. It's perfect! I love the chalkboard especially! I have a link party on Fridays. I would love if you came by and linked up!



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