A good excuse & Valentine wreath

Howdy friends! I so missed my Simple Friday post last week due to
my part, part time job I have. I work 12 hour shifts and after working
those long hours I am literally a limp noddle. Now this week I am 
back at it so I am squeezing this post in, it's short and sweet!

I am so inspired by all of the Dollar Tree beauties out there and wanted
to "try" one to see how easy it would be and do it on the cheap.  
I took this picture on my IPhone with the Instagram app and embellished it 
on the PicFrame app, trying something new and it's fun!!

Here's my list of supplies:

1 wooden wreath, it's breaded

5 rose stems, two different kind of flowers or be creative

Hot glue gun

White ribbon

Total cost of the project was $6.00 and some change

The ladies At the Picket Fence are the ones who inspired me 
to make my own Valentine's wreath. Don't you just love how
theirs turned out? I do 


  1. so pretty - you did a nice job! can you believe it's monday already? I am so ready for Friday. lol

  2. Love it! It looks great and didn't break the bank! So very thrifty of you! Have a great day!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  3. I'm a new follower, love your wreath! Looks great for Valentines! =)

  4. Wish I see this post earlier so that I can make one and put it on my new condo in Philippines. :)


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