Simple: Friday's: a Staging career perhaps?

Welcome to this week's edition of Simple Friday's! I'm excited to share
with you today about a staging opportunity I had a couple weeks ago. 
Warning: long post and lots of pictures, sorry!

A little history about me and let me know say I'm not big on talking about 
"me", but I'm trying. Anyway, I went to college way back in 1992, majored
in Interior Design/Fashion/Merchandising/Textiles and did graduate in 1996.
Believe it or not I haven't done much in the industry, not until I started blogging.
Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me and has given me more 
confidence than I've ever had. Now you have the 411 on me and my background.

My dear friend Tammy is a successful Realtor in town and called me up a couple
weeks ago and asked me if I would like an opportunity to stage a home for her. Um,
let me think about that, yes! 

I had some hefty restraints on this project. First the homeowner did not 
have any accessories to work with AND they didn't want to spend a lot 
of money. Moving forward, I can do this. Thank goodness I had a ton of 
accessories at home and even had to use some art off of my walls. FYI,
 I could have done so much more with these rooms if I would've had 
more time and resources. Also Tammy only wanted the Living Room, 
Kitchen, Master bedroom, and Master bathroom done. 

Sorry for the crooked picture, ugh! Not sure what I was doing, oops!
My goal was to keep everything pretty simple. I added the mirror, candle holders, 
decorative vase, and the homeowner had the greenery. Much improved.

The entertainment center was too big for the this space, but with it's size it had to stay put. 

First things first, I removed the over-sized ottoman and brought in a toy chest to act as a coffee table. It matched their existing woodwork too, score! Then I moved the rug out of the middle of the floor towards the couch to anchor it and bought some decorative blue and green throw pillows.   

Master bedroom, the homeowners have had their bedding and curtains since 
they were married 10 years ago. It had to go and not soon enough. 

I used their existing comforter with this new duvet cover I purchased from Target. Bright yellow with 
a hint of gray and a throw pillow for more texture. Also took down their old curtains and 
replaced then with white panel curtains to soften the room. This room looks 100% better 
just with these small changes. Amazing!  

Love the paint color in the Master bathroom, that's about it.

Shower curtain be gone along with the navy bath mat. Also, the
kid's towel hoodies have to be put away.

I replaced the shower curtain along with basic white towels, and a new bath mat. You can never, ever go wrong with white towels, they always look crisp and clean. Took all of the shampoo and soaps out of the cast iron tub and instead placed greenery and rolled up towels in there. I also added some candles to the side of the bath tub. My goal was to make it look spa-ish. Since the walls were bare I used two picture frames filled with fabric swatches as art and wrapped a plain canvas with coordinating fabric and 
hung it over the toilet rack. Cheap, easy art!

Did you notice the light fixture is not in the middle of the table?

I centered the table with the light fixture first thing, then removed the decorations on top of the cabinets. 
De-cluttered the counter tops and only left the coffee pot and knife set out. For a personal touch I 
placed a cook book in the corner with some greenery around it. I had a couple plaques with fresh 
fruit and vegetables on them and hung those under the cabinets too. 

While doing some research on staging a home I read you should always have a vase full of fresh flowers. Instead of flowers, I bought some red apples and put them in a glass bowl  on the table. I thought apples would last longer than flowers. Now if they were having a open house then I would've had fresh flowers.

The house sold in about a week after I staged it. 


  1. Nice job! You definitely neutralized it and made it MLS ready! I'm impressed.

    1. Thank you! The space needed some help and those little changes made such a difference :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love it! Thanks for the great tips. We will be selling our house soon, and this post helps point me in the right direction. :)

    1. You are welcome Jillian. Good luck on selling your home and remember to de-clutter until you can't do it anymore and organize every closet. It's a full time job geting your house ready to sell. Keep posted on it and if you need any help let me know.

  3. that is such a fun job!!! You must have had fun doing that.

    1. Thank you! It sure was and I actually did another house yesterday. It was empty so I did a couple things in the house, pretty easy without furniture to move.
      Have a great weekend Colleen!

  4. I don't see my comment.

    Anyway, this must have been so fun for you! nice job!

  5. Wow - good job. I think staging would be a fun job!

  6. Great job staging this home! It's amazing how such small changes can really improve the feel and look of a room. :-) Found you through Addicted 2 Decorating. I'm now following and look forward to seeing more of your creative blog. Have a great weekend!

  7. What a great opportunity. Amazing what a little tweaking can do here and there. Good job :) Thanks for linking up to our Friday Block Party at Curb Alert! Hope to see you again next Friday.

  8. wow! what a difference..thank you for these pictures!!

  9. It is amazing what some differences and change ups can do for a room. Love seeing what you have done. We are getting ready to put the for sale sign in front of our house and I am busy moving things around..so it is great to see some more ideas!

  10. Andrea:

    Thanks for attending last week's Friday Block Party at Curb Alert! Yours was the most viewed link so I featured you tonite.

    Would love for you to link up again.
    Have a great weekend!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  11. Great job on the staging Andrea! It's always amazing what you can do with a simple, affordbale updates! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

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