My 1st Joss & Main purchase

Well hello everyone! How's your summer going? We are busy here with  two
 girls in softball, VBS, church camps, and mission trips. This is what summer is all 
about, right? I wouldn't trade it for the world.  
I'm excited and wanted to share some of my newest Joss & Main purchases that 
arrived the other day in huge boxes. I was hoping to get the boxes in the door without 
hubby seeing them, but no luck. No joke the FedEx delivery guy showed up at the same 
time my hubby pulled into the drive. Uh oh, no he was surprisingly okay with my purchases, 
I just told him it was my late Mother's day gifts. Totally la gite!

What prompted my purchases was to support my friend Jenna from SAS Interiors. She  
 was a curator for Joss & Main a couple of weeks ago and her collection was amazing!

This picture says a thousands words doesn't it? Love it!

My beloved garden seat, side table, or plant holder. I have been eyeing this in my Ballard
magazines for the last two years now. I couldn't click add to cart quick enough!
This piece is so versatile that I'm sure I will move it ALL over the house.

Have you ever ordered from Joss & Main? I would love to hear about what you
have ordered and how you've incorporated it into your home.


  1. Hi Andrea...Yes I have purchased from Joss & Main. A few months ago I ordered a white morrocan pouf ottoman...love it. Its so exciting when the fed-ex guy pulls up...feels just like Christmas - or Mothers Day! :)

  2. Love your purchases. I have eyed those stools for a few years too. I just don't know where I would put one! Happy Friday and have a good weekend...Ann

  3. I have heard of this place mentioned by several bloggers I read, but have never checked it out myself. Honestly, the name sounds expensive. I am going to have to check it out. Totally digging your 2 purchases and your house as well! It is so beautiful!

    Thank you Andrea for your blog 'love' on my site. I let my oldest use kool aid to color a strip of hair once. It is very temporary and doesn't last long. But I'm with you, I didn't color my hair until college as well. It's costly. We just have to 'stick to our guns.' I support you on your decision.

    I am so glad we met and have gotten to know each other on Instagram. Summer is definitely a busy time. I'm looking forward to a few interrupted hours during the day when school starts again. ;)


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