Decorating a small entry way for Fall

Hi peeps! Well Fall officially starts this Saturday but apart of me is still hanging
onto summer. How about you? I'm not sure why because our pool is
CLOSED and Mother Nature is dropping leaves like crazy. I'm easing
into it and thought I should start with my entry way. SMALL, but 
definitely a welcoming entrance to our home and usually decorated
for the season or holiday.     
My entry way is small cozy and if I could change one thing about it
besides the size, I would have an outlet installed for a lamp.  

I didn't have to spend any money to put this little vignette together. 

I have a stash of flowers, greenery, and foliage that I store in the basement.
What if I'm a hoarder? I might be boarder-line, but that's another blog post :)
Seriously, It's like I have my own floral shop plus some extra stuff. 
When I need to change my decorations out I go down to the basement,
play around and try to come up with some creative ideas. 

These stick looking things are my mom's dried up pampas grass.
We cut them back last year and I took a bunch to use in my decorating.
Love the texture and the fact that it's from my mom's garden. 


  1. looks great! i love the natural elements!

  2. Your entryway looks great Andrea! I love the big clock above your table. Enjoy the fall weather!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  3. Thanks for the write up Andrea, your entryway looks great Andrea! I love the big clock above your table. Enjoy the fall weather!


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