Pumpkin decorating ideas

Hi friends! Can you believe we are almost to Halloween?
It's that time again, time to decorate our pumpkins. Do you carve,
paint, or just creatively embellish them? We always see the cutest 
pumpkin designs and it looks so easy until you sit down to carve it,
and you realize there is no way I can do this with only a sharp knife. If
I only had some power tools. This year we I might have to get some
paint out and go to town. 

Check out these pumpkin decorating ideas I found at a local 
Pumpkin Festival we went to about a month ago. I'm amazed
at the creativity.

A little Richard Simmons going on here.

Peace, love, and a school bus, too stinking creative.

Glittered pumpkins have been hot this year.

 You gotta love the moustache on this guy. 

Embellished with faux glass pieces, my favorite.

Have you carved your pumpkins yet? 
We haven't yet but will start very soon. Happy Carving!  

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  1. Just came across your blog. These are soooo creative!! LOVE THEM!


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