Outside view of Our Home

Welcome to our home and to Our Blue Front Door! 
Now you know how my blog got it's name. Today I'm sharing
a look at our home from the exterior, not sure if the interior
will ever be photo ready, but I'm working on it

My perennial garden in the front of the house is full of colorful cone
flowers, day lilies, and boxwood's. Easy to maintain and heat tolerant.

Nothing says "Welcome" than a personalized doormat.

Our house was built in 1992, when oak trim was all the rage. If we ever win the lottery the first
 thing I would do is change out all of my oak trim to crisp, clean white. Until then...the oak is staying. 
We purchased it in 2001, and have lived here for over 10 years now. It's your traditional two story home with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths. The main floor has an eat-in kitchen and opens to our family room.  We have a dining room off of the kitchen and a formal living room in the front of the house. We don't use it as a formal living room, but instead we use it as a piano room and office space for me. 

Our basement is partially finished and is home to my hubby's Man Cave, his office, and storage.  

Our back yard, deck, and the view of our pool where we spend ALL of our time
in the warm months. We love to entertain almost every weekend.

Thanks for stopping by and catching a glimpse of the outside of our home.


  1. From one blue front door to another...this looks wonderful! It was so nice seeing the summer pics. It's snowing here and pretty cold. Have a good week!

  2. It looks amazing! Before planning to construct a home, we should first decide about the exterior and interior of the house. Mostly flooring, walls, and roofs, we have to plan for everything. Here also, we can view an amazing exterior portion of a house and I really appreciate the design, such an amazing view.
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