Rustic Winter Mantel

Hi my friends! 
It feels a little strange to be posting about another Winter mantel again, 
but I'm just not feeling Spring yet. I know the stores have all there colorful  
Spring decorations out and it's been mighty tempting, but ole man Winter is
still here. My Winter mantel from last year was simple, check it out here. I 
wanted to do the same thing this year and not spend any money what so ever.
Without spending any money I knew I needed to be more creative than usual. I  had a plan and I wanted
to use this piece of wood that I stole gathered from Kolob Mountain in Utah. My dear friend moved
to Utah and when I visited her this past fall we went hiking up on Kolob mountain. Long story short, 
since I couldn't carry on a stolen piece of wood from Utah on my flight; her dad had to drive back 
to Illinois anyway. He kindly brought it home to me and I'm forever thankful. Some things are just 

For the rest of the mantel, I went down to the basement with a clothes basket and gathered everything I
needed to fill in the space. I guess I might be considered a small hoarder, but I am ok with it. I mean everyone has pine cones, old books, Dollar Tree hurricane vases, excess burlap, candle pillars of all 
sizes turned upside down, and candles.

I got the snowflakes from the Dollar Tree two years ago. They are perfect to decorate with.

How often do you try to decorate with what you have in your home? I know it's not always easy, but
you should try it. 


  1. it looks so pretty! I am impressed you did this all with things you had.

  2. Good job shopping your own house! I love the way you used the piece of drift wood. Adds just the perfect, rustic touch. Hope all is well...


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