Painting brick white: My fireplace

Painting our fireplace has been on my bucket list since 2002
and after sixteen years I we finally painted it. My hubby did
NOT want me to paint the brick because "why would anyone 
paint brick?" I guess you could say I didn't care anymore and decided
I was going to update the fireplace. I went to Sherwin Williams and 
bought a gallon of Pro Classic Satin paint. Alabaster was my go to color. 
It's amazing!   

Since I was still scared to start, our daughter Abby poured some
paint into a red Solo cup and started painting. There was no 
turning back. I was excited just from the little bit of paint 
she brushed on. Along with the paint brush we used a roller 
specifically for brick. We rolled two coats of paint on and 
we used the paintbrush to get into all of the deep 
crevasses and mortar. The paint went on easily and I'm
thrilled how it turned out. Why didn't I do this sooner? The
room is instantly brighter.

Since our mantel was outdated, our friend Tony framed the old
mantel and built a new one to fit right over the old one. He 
distressed it and stained it. This is exactly what I wanted a chunky,
rustic looking mantel. Wide enough to put our TV on and not have
to drill into the brick. My next project will be installing a TV on the
mantel and cord management. Can't wait!


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