True Topiary

So I have to say I can't even take credit for this one, but it was so....easy.  I have been searching for a new DIY project when I ran into Katie@Clearedfortakeoff and just had to copy her $4 DIY topiary, but mine was five big ones and it all came from the Dollar Tree(Love it)

So Simple: (1) bag of floral moss, (3) Styrofoam floral arrangers,
(1) small ceramic pot, and one stray stick from the yard.
Oh yeah, you'll need your glue gun too.

Since the Styrofoam was a little big for the ceramic pot, I had
to trim her down with a sharp knife.  PLEASE watch your
fingers!  It's too late now, but I think you are always suppose
to cut away from yourself, oops!

BINGO, she fits.....I glued her in for good measure.

OK, so the Dollar Tree did not have a sphere so I improvised.
I took two of the Styrofoam things and hot glued them together

to make this, a hexagon= 6 sided object, right? 

After some shaving and rounding out, I have a sphere,
well it's not perfect and that's ok.

I know, I know this is the longest DIY post, but bear with me.
Take the hot glue gun and start gluing, be sure to use alot of glue
for full coverage.  Once you have her completely covered with
moss be sure to press the moss down so it all sticks and covers.
Easy, right, you betcha...

All covered

Hammer Stick Time!  Gently push the stick into the Styrofoam in
the bottom of the pot and if you want to (I did) add some hot glue
to secure the stick.

Attach the top and add some extra moss
to the top of the pot AND

Here she is and she only cost $5.00, score!

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  1. I love that you roll it in the moss! I've seen so many of these posts where they just use spray paint and yeah.. So not the same haha.

  2. It would think the moss sticks better to the Styrafoam with hot glue, never heard it done with spray paint, interesting!

  3. It looks awesome, and super easy to do. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for comments and for stopping by Heidi.

  5. I love this and so easy and cheaply done, I'd love to make two of them for my mantel...thanks for sharing and I'm now a follower:) Stop by when you have a minute!



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