Untouched and beautiful

It's a rainy Sunday evening,  and I know I shouldn't be posting tonight because this is the "one" day we are told to not work, but rest.  I have such a hard time with this on any given Sunday, I know shame on me.....Wait, hold on, I just asked Mr. B about this and I think he just made sense of it all he told me "your not working, your hobbying(is that a word?)  So there we go I am NOT WORKING, I AM HOBBYING which means something like this:  doing an activity that you enjoy doing which equals BLOGGING!!  Love it!

Since it's Sunday I will make this short and sweet.  Just had to share with you this beautiful, thrifted, and untouched chair!    

TA DA....isn't it so clean and beautiful, not even a mark on her, really?    
Do you see her twin right beside her?  She was in excellent condition too.  It was so tempting,
 let me tell you

$29.00,  I never, ever pay full price so I talked them down to $20.00!  Not a steal, but
the condition of the chair was unbelievable and I didn't have to do a thing to it.  SCORE! 
I put it in our bedroom threw a pillow on her and she looks great. 
 Have a great week!

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  1. GIRL! This is amazing! I <3 it!!!! That green...ooooohhhh! Where did you get it?! Great score!


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