Launch pad?

To quote handymancraftywoman, "a launch pad is a place you can set up near a doorway, to help "launch" you out the door for the day; or to help you "land" when you come home."  Do you have one in your home?  Look at these beauties I found today
Check out A bowl full of lemons  Simple, but
functional at the same time.  Love the numbers 

 Melissa at 320 Sycamore is so creative, go check out
how she made her benches.....

 Pure inspiration for a bigger foyer and wall space. Check out 
Endless Crafting  for her Pottery Barn look a like.

I am working on my launch pad as we speak and hope to be back soon to show you mine.  Busy, busy around here....Happy Wednesday


  1. Thanks for quoting me and linking to me! Great blog you have here. I'm going to go and read more...

  2. You are welcome...thanks for the awesome definition of it and inspiration!

  3. Thank you for sharing my entry and for the link! Good luck with your "launch pad"!


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