Spring Break in the city

We wanted to "get away" with the kids this past week for Spring Break, but knew a tropical, beach vacation was not in the budget.  We thought since we are only 2 1/2 hours from Chicago that we would venture up on the train and explore this great city.  I love, love Chicago and it's beautiful architecture, history, and culture.  My love for the city is rubbing off on my girls too.  

I actually took this picture from the window at the Field Museum.

Look at the key pattern detail I spotted on a staircase.

The windows on the roof of the Field Museum made out of long lasting aluminum and was originally designed to look like a "square wagon wheel".  Such detail!

A view of the John Hancock Building (the far left black building)
On a clear day the views from the John Hancock observation deck is breathtaking,
you can see clear up and down Lake Shore Drive.

Yes, this building does have a piece cut out of it.

A view from the 27th floor of our hotel where the pool was 
 located.  The girls swam and I had a blast taking
 pictures of the city and the amazing architecture.

The Bean in Millennium Park

The view underneath!


  1. Those are fantastic pictures, Andrea! I love city vacations and Chicago looks like a beautiful place. I haven't heard of the The Bean in Millennium Park...got to go look it up! Sounds like you all had a really fun time!

  2. New follower! Stop by sometime! Love Chicago!


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