Pantry Makeover

Several months ago I came across these glass canisters and vinyl's and 
thought I could DIY my own set of canisters. For years I have been wanting
a set of canisters, but didn't want to take up all my counter space. When you
have limited counter space like I do you have to be creative with it. This might
be the perfect solution; I get my canisters and I'll store them in the pantry. 

Here are the vinyl's I ordered online and bought the canisters at Walmart and Target. One store has one
size and not the other so needless to say I made several trips. The canisters started at $4.97 and up.

I forgot to mention my pantry needed some work. You think? My goal was to 
reorganize, de-clutter, and hopefully make it look like the House of Smith's pantry
My pantry is the work horse in my kitchen. It stores food, pots and pans, pet food,
and paper goods. You name it and it's probably in there. With the lack of counter 
space I also lack in cabinetry. Making over my pantry was a long time coming.

Instead of painting the entire pantry I decided to get creative and use 12 x 12 scrapbook paper to line the
back wall in between the shelves and side walls. It was an inexpensive way to add color and pattern,  
but not a permanent solution. To attach the scrapbook paper I used double sided tape. Since I didn't
use scrapbook paper on the top and bottom sections of the pantry I painted it with some cream 
 colored paint I had on hand.     

I bought new shelf liner and cut it to size.

Don't you just love the look of my new canisters with the cool vinyls? I love how they turned out and I 
must say my hubby is quite the vinyl guy now. Thanks honey! 

These spice racks are great for organizing can goods. Now I know exactly how much I have on hand
and not 12 cans of green beans. All of my "back stock" is now stored away and pulled out when I need
to replenish. 

These wire baskets are from Target and were about $8.99 each. Not cheap, but they fit the space without
being too bulky and sticking out the pantry. They worked to store some of the catch all stuff and bulky 
paper goods. I made the chalkboard tags and attached them to the baskets. It makes it look so organized;
doesn't it?

What do you think? I couldn't be more happier with how it turned out and
how organized it is. I hope I've inspired you to start on your pantry. 


  1. I love it, Andrea! That is such a smart idea to use the scrapbook paper for the back wall. The canister vinyls are totally terrific...everything looks so beautiful and well-organized!

  2. It looks so good! I finally have my pantry and baking cabinet organized and I may have to add some scrapbook paper to my back wall also!

  3. How did you attached the paper? This looks awesome. I will put this on my summer to do list. Your before pantry looks just like mine now.

  4. Suzanne...I used double sided tape and it was easy to use. Good luck with yours! Thanks for stopping by.


  5. Andrea, I just showed my husband this makeover and told him that you've inspired me to rethink our own pantry! Thanks for your ideas :o)

  6. I love it! I must do the same with my pantry and here you give me such great ideas! I love the paper you used, it's perfect for it and now everything looks beautiful and so well organized!

  7. Love it! Wish I was that organized. THanks for joining my newbie party. I signed on as a new friend and hope you did the same. THis is a weekly party so I hope to see you again.

  8. hiya , your pantry look s great , love all the organisation , tfs. i am your newest follower and following from debbies newbie party

  9. Can you come to Brambly and organize my pantry? I love the glass containers and the wire baskets;in fact, I think I'm going to pick up some of those. You've inspired me to get to work. Take care.


  10. That looks awesome. I love the baskets on the ground! I am working on pantries/kitchens etc... this last 2 weeks on my blog. I'd love for you to come over and link this up to my link party - Organizing Mission Monday. (it is open until the 9th)
    Hope to see you there. Thanks!

  11. It looks great!

    My daughters name is Layla :)

    Visiting from Elements Interiors!

  12. Your pantry turned out great! My pantry is currently in progress...(: My blog is still new, but I would love for you to stop by.

  13. wow, it looks gorgeous!! thanks for linking this up to our blog party! :-)

  14. Looks great! I love the paper you chose! I would love it if you linked up to my party so I could feature it!! Have a great evening!
    PS~ I am your newest follower! Can't wait to see you other projects!!

  15. Hi Andrea! I just popped over from Under the Table and Dreaming and I'm so glad I did! Love to see a fellow DIY girl and a fellow topiary lover at that! I'm your newest follower! :)

  16. Such a great job!! love the labels!

  17. My cats think they're the greatest helpers also :) Your pantry looks great!

  18. Love that you used scrapbook paper to line the back wall. You are so clever. Great job of organizing & making better use of your space. I'm a new follower & hope you might follow me back.

  19. Great job on your pantry...I did this in January and used canning jars along with some cracker jars all from Walmart. But mine doesn't look near as good as yours! I love the name of your blog. I am thinking about painting my front door blue...it's red now. I'm going exploring on your blog to see if I can find your door. :o) I found you at Sunday Showcase and am your newest follower. Come visit my blog if you have time...~Ann

  20. Thanks for linking up this GORGEOUS makeover to Try it Tuesday at DotDotDot! Make sure you grab yourself a button because I will be featuring this today!
    Have a happy Monday!

  21. I'm in the process of making over my pantry, too! So fun! I have yet to buy my glass canisters ... can't wait! :-)
    Great job!

  22. I love your pantry makeover! The scrapbooking paper is such a great idea! I'm your newest follower... hope you'll stop by my blog too!
    Laurie :)

  23. Great job! I made those same labels myself for my pantry :) The scrapbooking paper looks great, too!

  24. I'm featuring this on our blog party this week! come on over and grab a feature button if you'd like!

  25. I love this project
    i´m a new follower :D

  26. If I could ever finish procrastinating, I would love to try that. : ).. I have two cats and two dogs that would be in my picture. Lol. Great job!

  27. I love your organized pantry! So clever to line the back of the shelves with scrap book paper!!

  28. Love it! Wish I was that organized:)

  29. How brilliant to use scrapbook paper instead of wallpaper! I LOVE that idea! I CAN do that! Thank you for the inspiration Andrea! :D


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