Thrifting finds and then some

Found this at HSH mission this winter and thought I would put it
away until Spring.  I paid $1.99

Is it bad that I didn't have to do a thing but hang it up in my kitchen?  

My hands were FULL when I left the mission!  Two black matching candle holders, if you ever find 2 of something grab them because chances are they won't be there the next time.
Also found a shell in great shape, four books with the same theme going on, and a wooden holder of some sort.  

 Remember my owl I found at Pier One?  Found some friends in the $1 section at Target, thanks to my friend Lisa!!


  1. I am loving the Owls! I didn't see those at our Target and I was there this morning. Darn. Great finds! Those black candle holders are awesome!

  2. Great finds! I'm sure I've seen those exact same candle holders in Pier 1 for 20 dollars Canadian. The picture looks great with your jar of lemons and limes!


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