Summer Dreaming

I've had the best time putting together my summer mantel today and maybe because it's finally warming up outside.  We also opened our pool last weekend and I'm ready for some pool time and sun.  This got my wheels turning about what to do with my mantel.  I was searching through all my photos on the computer and came across this one.  It was from last year at the beach in Panama City Beach before all of the oil hit.  My youngest daughter had her goggles on and was diving to the bottom of the ocean to gather any shells she could find.  She had a blast and so I caught a quick picture of her treasures.  Look at her cute toes in the sand all painted so pretty.  Oh how I miss the beach!  

I blew the picture up to 16x20 and it turned out awesome, perfect for a summer mantel.

All I really had to buy was a 16x20 frame for the picture which was $9.99 and some candles and they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby.  Oh, I bought a big bag of sand at Walmart for $3.26, but I am going to use it all summer long.  I had the shells, starfish and drift wood pieces so I brought those out of storage.

I used my Dollar Tree hurricane's I made and added a picture of the girls digging in the sand and
some shells.  Took some twine and wrapped it around the candles to add some texture, easy peasy! 


I'm partying at the Lettered Cottage and At the Picket Fence today




  1. Your mantel looks so pretty, Andrea! I love your ideas- especially the picture of your girls digging in the sand placed in the hurricane lantern and the blow up of your daughter's hands holding shells! I love the chippy white window frame too! It all looks so wonderful! Bring on summer!

  2. Wow! It's all so lovely. I just adore the large hand photo. well done!

  3. This looks so lovely and just makes me dream of warm summer days and my own toes in the sand...hopefully prettily painted! :-) I'm totally going to steal the idea of the photo in the hurricane for my kiddos "beachy" bathroom. Thank you so much for linking all of this gorgeousness up to our Inspiration Friday party this week!


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