Pool - Part 2

I shared with you last week about installing our pool and adding onto our existing deck a couple of years ago.  After five seasons now, it never gets old and we use it daily.  I love looking out the window and seeing all the bright blue  , it just makes me happy.  Here's what it looks like today.  It's pretty plain, but considering the use by all the kids, it needs to be functional and it is!   

The pool has direct sun all day until about 4:30 and we have shade all day on the deck which is wonderful.
You can tell by my photo where the line starts and as the season goes on the line of sun gets smaller, but we won't talk about that...

Remember what our back yard use to look like

We have plenty of room with two loungers and 8 additional stackable chairs.  We also fill the space with
noodles in every color, round tubes, swim flippers, and a bazillion kids...  

Here's the original deck off of the house and we just built on to it when we installed the pool.  You step up
one step and you have complete access to the pool. 

The view from the kitchen.  We love our table and chairs out on the deck and we use
them all the time to eat as a family. It's so easy since it's right off of the
kitchen.  Perfect for entertaining too!

I have two deck planters with annuals in them I put together every year.  They hang from the
deck railings and theyreally add a lot of color.  

I also have some ferns by the sliding glass door
and a couple shade loving annuals in pots.

Last but not least we have this guy who moves
around the deck...he has to stay in the back yard
because we have some serious Cardinal fans next door
and we wouldn't want him to go missing....just say'n :)

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  1. Nice deck and pool. I am sure the kids love it. We had an in ground pool on our other house, but we have a vein of granite just three feet underground here and springs. I do miss the pool, but try not to get much sun anymore anyway. Thanks for sharing yours at the summer blog party.

  2. Andrea, It was 93 degrees here in Richmond today so your pool is sure looking good. Great transformation of your back yard!

  3. so pretty! I'd love to look out there too and see the pretty blue. Very nice!

  4. Your deck is wonderful, it's so nice & big! Your flowers are beautiful too. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. Have a great summer!

  5. I am getting on a plane and coming to visit, Andrea ;) Do you think your girls would mind if we plunked down in those comfy lounges to chat for a while! lol

    I love your pool and deck so much, and I totally get how you love to look out your window and see the shimmering blue water!

    I know what your family will be doing this summer!

  6. My children also loved our pool. They'd often spend 6-8 hours a day in it! We have now moved and there's no pool in our new house. We may just have to remedy that situation!

  7. What a fun backyard ... I'm sure it's constantly filled with splashes and laughter !! Yes, great view from your kitchen, too !!

  8. What a beautiful, functional, relaxing backyard. You must have some fabulously, fun times out there. Your children will have wonderful memories from their childhood about this fun outdoor space!!

  9. We are headin' over to your house! LOL! I'll bet you have the "hang out" house thanks to that wonderful pool and fantastic deck. It looks so inviting and we are so thrilled you shared it with us at the Block Party! :-)

  10. Your deck is marvelous and how your kids must love it. It's so nice that they can be home, have something to do and have their friends over. What a great space for a family. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave such a nice comment. You are the best!

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