Simple Friday No. 5

I just couldn't help but talk a little bit about my tween(she's 12)daughter today.  Last night I hear her in the family room pulling on duct tape, you know the sound it makes, and scissors going to town. It was almost like Edward Scissorhands was in the house with the way she creating something.  I did see the IPad in front of her so I knew she was duplicating something and was excited about it.  I think this is what she was looking at on Pinterest, but she put her own spin on things.....

via Pinterest, pretty, but plain
Her creation! She wore a plain silver bow that she threw together last night to school today in her hair and came home with a list of people that she needed to make bows for and the colors they wanted. Well then! I got a text from her on her way home from school stating, "I need to go to Hobby Lobby tonight"  I knew she had a serious agenda.
She had a $10 gift card for Hobby Lobby so she bought a couple rolls and I did too. Her school colors are black and orange so she had to get those to start her collection.   

I am truly in awe of how creative she is and the potential she has. What a perfect opportunity to tell our children how creative and smart they are and how proud we are of them.  I know we are.

Oh wait, one last thing...Here's a "mom" idea, add a clip to the back so it'll slide into the hair better instead of a Bobbie pin.  Believe it or not she liked my idea.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Who knew duck tape could ever be so fashionable. I'm going to share it with Grace, and I'm sure we'll be making a trip to hobby lobby this weekend!

  2. That is so cute!! I love that she did it on her own.

  3. Wow! You can be proud of that and I'm sure she gets her creativity from her mommy. :) What a cute idea, now you just need a picture of her wearing her hair bow she created so when she starts her own little etsy shop, she can advertise. Seriously, I think she could be on to her own mini business!

  4. Great job! Your daughter is quite creative. I love the pink ones!

    You should stop over and enter my giveaway. I think you'd both like what's up for grabs. =)

    ~ Catie

  5. I love your blog! :) I became a follower! Erin


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