Excited about Spring

Hello my friends! While wondering through Hobby Lobby the
other day I was so excited to see all of the colors and patterns
they have out for the Spring. I had my point and shoot camera in
my purse and managed to get some quick pics before the battery
died. You know when the battery light is blinking...low battery
and you are praying, "no, please one more picture" or is this just

Love quatrefoil pattern and bold colors.

Utensils in any color and they have the plastic
cups and bowls that are similar to IKEA's.

Beautiful shades of blue, it draws me in.

Polka dots are all the rage this year and animal prints
are always hot. 

If these boots were "real" I would buy them, but wouldn't 
these look awesome with some spring flowers planted in them?

I'm inspired, are you? I know we aren't suppose to wish time away, but 
there is something special about the change of seasons.

I was not compensated by Hobby Lobby for this post, it is strictly my opinion.


  1. Love those metal tins! so pretty. I so wish we had Hobby Lobby here! Seems like such great find there.

  2. I'm VERY ready! Everything became so bright and cheerful in the shop windows this month...eek! Why do we only allow ourselves to enjoy things for just a brief moment before wishing it away? (I miss Hobby Lobby...we called it Lobby Dobby when we were kids)

  3. So much inspiration in HL!! Love the bright colors! Yes, yes, ready for spring!!

  4. I really like the 'blue stuff' :)

    Lori Lowe


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