Simple Friday's: Room tours

Can I preference these room tours with saying this "I haven't done anything with
these rooms I'm about to show you, but things are going to change"....
Sorry had to take the pictures with flash,  sorry it was gloomy today

Our front room, formal sitting room, or like we call it the piano room. 
We bought our very old 1920's baby grand piano because hubby 
played when he was younger and wanted to pick it back up. As you
can see it takes up the majority of the space in the room. We thought about
selling it, but now our 9 year old is taking piano lessons, so yeah.
I want this room is look appealing and not formal like you imagine when
someone has a baby grand. Do you know what I mean? However, it
 still needs to be functional/usable for our family...help!!  Any ideas?

The front bay window is hardly used, but has so much 
potential. Pinterest here I come!

 We had an old over sized stuffed chair in here, but hubby brought up this 
love seat(not my favorite) from the basement when we purchased
our new living room.furniture. The biggest challenge I have is the traffic
pattern through the room. I've we've moved the piano every which way
imaginable. I've even thought about moving it into the dining room and
switching up both of the rooms. Problem with doing that is there is no
over head lighting in the piano room to go over the table.

Here are some of my ideas for this room 

1.  New Paint, however this room runs into the foyer, down the front hall, and up the stairs...big job!

2.  Can you say texture and color, with pillows, art work, and maybe a rug...something

3.  New lighting and more of it, again there's no over head lighting in the room. Plug any lamp into the bottom plug and "presto" you have light...who thought of this?

4.  Maybe a stencil on the wall?? 

Ready for the next room? The dining room  

Our dining room is used once a year at Christmas, no kidding. The other
364 days it's used as a catch all room. Hubby stores his planner, laptop, and
all of the mail eventually gets thrown on the table. This room needs
so much work, it's making me tired just looking at it. Can I just
start completely over and ripe everything out?

First thing I would do is get rid of the oak, ugh!....maybe this
should be an office/craft room for mom.

Our china hutch was given to us by my hubby's
parents and has been in the family for over 100 years. 
The glass is still original, can you believe it?  
This is a precious piece to us and hope to someday pass
it down to one of our girls. 

My mom gave me her china that my dad had given her when he was in
military. I did some research and it's still available.

It really is a beautiful gray with white and black flowers and a
shame we don't use it. Perhaps we would if we used our room
like it's suppose to be used. 

I'll share my ideas with you on my dining room later...sometimes you
just don't want to deal with it and that's where I am right now.


  1. You have my brain turning and twisting about what to do with that piano! The overhead light dilemma is one I am quite familiar with as you know. Maybe we'll find a solution yet! Lots of potential and I'm itching to paint that trim white for you. ;)

  2. Hi Andrea! I have so many ideas for your rooms! I love the idea of a "piano room". Head over to House of Hepworths and check out what Allison did in her piano room.
    I would also suggest painting all the trim white - that will make a HUGE impact and the wall color will really pop.
    For the dining room I would paint all the trim white, ceiling to floor window panels, area rug under the table and some fun DIY canvas artwork.
    I wish we lived closer so I could come over and redecorate with you!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with! Have a great weekend!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

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