Need DIY art, shelves, curtains like no one's business

I'm sharing our family room as we know it today and
"yes" it desperately needs color, art, rug, and some TLC.

Ideas for this corner space?
We can't move the TV at all because of DN cable, I'm over it anyway!
This corner needs something, maybe a big clock on the wall with the brick.

This looks like a good space for a memo board or some unique
art. I spend hours and hours here so this space should inspiring
and fun for me. Check out this picture below that I found on Pinterest.

Source: annafelizola.com via Andrea Schuneman via Pinterest 

My goals for this rooms are, if I can ever keep my mind on one task:

Add some bold colors to this beige room
Pattern, yes please! 
Art oh art, besides the gallery wall
Curtains to tie in everything, but what color?
Paint the mantel
Would LOVE to paint the brick or glaze it 

Hope you'll stay tuned to see the changes, slow but sure, right? 

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  1. Hey Andrea! I love your family room! You should add more of the aqua color that your lamp is painted in. A few pillows and accessories would look great. I think you should paint the brick white too. It would really make everything "pop".

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom


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