It's Gray, do you see Green or Blue?

My oh my, you'd thought I'd quit blogging but no, I haven't. This thing called "life"
happens and I'm so thankful to all of my followers for hanging in there with me.
I'm reminded everyday that blogging is a hobby and my creative outlet, but my
  first job is to be a mom, wife, and daughter. So if I have gaps in my posting 
and I will, please understand why.

Since my last post on my lamp makeover, I had some painting done in the house,
and it was much needed. The originally color on the walls was Sherwin Williams 
Canvas Tan, and it was time to lighten things up a bit. 
Now if I could convince hubby to paint the oak
trim white. It would make the walls pop! I'm still working on him!

I had the foyer, front hallway, stairway, and the piano room done because those
areas all flow together with no other walls to separate the space. Had no other choice! 

The color I chose was Benjamin Moore Gray Owl
Piano room, do you see green or more blue in the gray? Hubby swears
he sees green. What do you think?

Front hall way, it was difficult to get an accurate picture. I see more
green in this picture

Another view, I see just a gray color here...it all has to do with the 
lighting and time of the day.

I'm loving the color, but am still getting use to it. Now I need to 
accessorize and get some cool stuff on the walls...

What a change and I am so excited to "lighten things up around here.


  1. Hi Andrea,
    I love the color! The picture with the blue lamps brings out a touch of blue in the gray. I want to paint my trim, too, but it seems like most men that I know love the natural wood color.

  2. Hmmm, looking fairly gray to me. Maybe a little blue tinge. I love it. I find grays to be hard!

  3. I see grey with a slight blue hue in the picture with the hooks. I personally love it better than the tan. When we built our home 4 years ago we used SW Nomadic Desert on the entire house which is a tan and I am slowly getting rid of it room by room.

  4. Looks beautiful!! I see gray gray, but I'm totally just like that. :-)


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