It's done, our wood floor

Hello friend! I'm excited to share with you our new floors!
 It has been a LONG time coming. If you follow me on Facebook 
{I hope you do} then you've probably seen  some pictures of  new floors,
  We definitely had some issues and you can read about them here,
but I'm happy to report it's all coming together.

The installer were here last week on Thursday and Friday and finished
the floors, but not the transition pieces and the quarter round. They are
 here right now as I write this post to finish up. AMEN!  

Aren't the colors beautiful? 

Remember what our floors use to look like? 

Now I am going to concentrate on getting ready for Haven which is only
week away! This is my first DIY blogging conference and I am so excited
to go. While I'm there I'll get the chance to finally meet up with several blogger 
friends that I've only meet online. It's going to be a great trip!  


  1. Beautiful!! have fun at haven!

  2. Looks fabulous! Makes me want to run across it in my socks and then slide. :) Are you loving it? One week from today we'll be hugging and squealing like school girls! Can't wait!

  3. Andrea,

    They look lovely! Truly ...

    I'm so sad I'm not going to Haven. I wanted to go but waited to long to purchase a ticket and they were already sold out :(

    Have a fabulous time!


  4. I love your new floors. They look beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ann, I am very pleased with how it all turned out and now think it was a better choice then the laminate. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Your new floors look great! Have a great time at Haven - I'm so jealous! : )

    Thrifty Decor Mom

    1. Lori...I so wish you were going too. No worries maybe next year, fingers crossed! I'm so happy with how the floors came together. They don't squeak now when we walk on them like the old ones did.
      Have a great weekend

  6. Wow, so pretty! Looks amazing. Hope you have a good weekend! =)

  7. Thanks Ashley, it's amazing to me too how much different my rooms feel now with the new flooring. Now to get it all decorated :)
    You too have a relaxing weekend

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