Living with clutter is stressful

Is it Thursday yet? Please!! If you missed my post yesterday, you can
read about it here. Anyhoo, I called Home Depot and to ask about my
installation date for the wood floor and I didn't get a call back at all. Let me 
say that again, I didn't get a phone call back. Luckily, I had the installation company's
phone number so I gave them a call and got a dates for the installation. They are coming
back this Thursday and Friday, hallelujah! 
In the meantime, the clutter in my house is about to drive me up a wall. I have knots in my
stomach with the mess. My house is never perfect, but usually an organized mess and I know
exactly where things are. You have to know what I am talking about.

Baby grand piano sitting the middle of the floor, moving this is not fun. 
See the mail on top and all the junk...it's only temporary that's what I 
keep telling myself.

Welcome to our home, you don't have to take off your shoes today!
Want to install some hard wood floor today?

Stuff everywhere, behind the couch I have my china all over the floor, lamps,
extra furniture, you name it's in this room. Cozy, my hubby says!  

List of fun things to do from my daughter, my favorite bubble gun blowing contest

Then to make things even more stressful, we got a new kitten. Since we found a new home for our dog Max we promised the girls a new kitten. Our good friend's mom had a couple litters ready at her farm so we have boy named Loki (I guess it's the bad guy on the Advengers movie) I'm going with the flow here, well trying!


  1. Hi Andrea! I can't believe the problems you've had with the floor and Home Depot. What a nightmare! Hopefully everything will work out ok and you'll have new floors by the weekend. Can't wait to see it all finished!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  2. I'm hoping that as I leave this comment the floors have been installed and the clutter decluttered and the kitten tamed and the bubble gum blowing contest has come and gone ...

    Looking forward to the afters to match up to the befores ...




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