Trip out West {St.George Utah}

My youngest daughter(the blondie) and I had a whirl wind trip to Utah this past week.
Her best friend from birth and neighbor had recently moved out to southern Utah this 
past fall. For Christmas my daughter received this gift to travel out West to see her
best friend. Kudos for me because I got to go with her. 

It had been over five months since they'd seen each other in person. I'm not sure  
if Skype counts but it does help a little? Did I mention her Mom is my bestie too.

We hit Urban Renewal in St. George. I adore this store and thought to myself how could I get this stuff
back to Illinois. I could send it UPS, FedEx, or I could  have my friend's uncle who's driving back home 
bring it with him. What a tease!

The whole store was amazing. Like Arnold says "I'll be back" and next time I'll have a way to get some goodies home. Promise!

While our weekend was short we did manage to make it around to the Parade of Homes. It was the first 
weekend of the parade and it was busy, but worth it. The interior design in these homes blew me away. 

With lots of hugs and several tears running down our cheeks we headed home, but we will be back 
again. Next time it will be longer. What a beautiful place St. George! 


  1. Great photos! :) Although I think the picture of the girls is the best one, how sweet.

  2. The girls look so happy to be with each other! What a fun trip :)

  3. Darling photos and looks like the perfect family vacation;)


  4. How fun Andrea! I'm so glad y'all were able to visit your besties! And what a great place to move to! ;) Not so great that they moved away from you though. :( Hey but you got a good trip out of it! :) I'm looking forward to meeting you at Haven. Time is flying by so quickly it will be here before we know it! Let's talk about housing...it would be a blast to share a room with you and Ange. I wonder if she'll be going with her fam again? I've been so crazy busy I haven't had time to visit my bff's online.

    I've never been to southern Utah before but now I want to go to visit that store you mentioned...wow...what awesome stuff and great ideas! Hope you were able to take something home from there. I bet attending the parade of homes was amazing too! I love to go just to get ideas. I bet you got a lot from there. Great photos! Sending love and hugs. :) Shan

  5. Thanks for the awesome tip about the store- next time we're driving through, I'll make it a point to stop in now. Hope you're well!
    xo Becca


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