Late Summer Mantel and I'm back

Hi my sweet friends! How are you all? I have missed you...

I wish I could tell you I've been on a long, wonderful vacation, but nope! I have been
fortunate enough to be a Stay at Home mom for many, many years now. In fact our
youngest daughter{Allison} is going to be in 5th grade this year and Abby will  
be a freshman in high school. The time has come for me to go back to work and
I want to go back to work.  
For the past several months, I've been busy searching job postings, 
interviewing, and trying to find a job to fit my needs and our family.
I can't lie it's been tough, but I know there is something out for me.
I'm glad to be back blogging and sharing my true passion with you!
I know summer is quickly coming to a close, but I wanted to share my summer
mantel with you. Better late, right? 

My inspiration for this years mantel came from this watercolor painting. After my grandma passed 
away earlier this year we were going through her and my grandfather's belongings and I found this 
beautiful painting. The date on the back says 1914 and was given to my grandma by another family
member. It's priceless and something I'll treasure always. 

Fortunately I used what I had on hand to create this mantel. The only thing I bought was the red  
lighthouse and I spent $7.00 on it. The 50% sale saved me at Hobby Lobby. I love Hob Lob! 

My hubby is always looking out for me and found me these sea shell bookends at a garage sale. 
I could have easily spray painted them, but GOLD is coming back in my friends.  

Our girls are back to school next week and I know they are ready to go. 
I'm ready too, especially to get them back on a normal schedule and not
sleeping in until 11 am. everyday. Have your kiddos gone back yet? 

I'm working on repainting my kitchen table and trying to figure out paint 
colors for our bedroom and my new IKEA island. Exciting stuff!!  


  1. looks great! love the beach treasures jar!

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