Kitchen lighting reveal

I'm sure you had to of known what I was going to do with my 
overhead lighting in my kitchen, maybe? 
If not, here are some of the options I have been trying out. I couldn't
resist using the beautiful fabric I found at Hancock Fabrics. 

Since the lighting was above the sink I had a clear view of the underneath
and I had to cover it too. It's not perfect by no means, but it's covered and I am 
okay with it. It's not very easy to measure the inside and get it just right. 

Step by step directions: 

1.  Trace a pattern of the lamp shade and cut it out. Add an extra 1"-1 1/2" to it to allow for folding the fabric over the top and bottom of the shade.

2.  Turn your fabric over with the good side facing down and place your pattern on the fabric. Trace around the pattern.

3.  You should be able to see the lines for an accurate cut.

4.  Once it's cut you can start working with it and wrapping the fabric around the shade. You want to make sure there's enough fabric on the top and bottom.

5.  You still with me?? 

6.  Time to glue, I used spray adhesive glue and slowly worked my way around the shade. Be sure to glue it on in small sections to alleviate wrinkles and smooth the fabric out as you go. It does go on easy, but it comes off too if you make a mistake AND I did.

7.  After the fabric is glued on and set, I used a glue gun for the rest the project. Fold over the extra fabric on the top and bottom and glue it over the edges. Again it's not perfect, but adding the fabric to the inside helped cover up my mistakes.

8.  FYI...I used my scissors to cut a small slit for the fabric to fit over the wires. 

9.   Finally I measured the best I could and glued the fabric inside of the shade. I folded the edges over for a cleaner look and I think it made a big difference. Voila your done! 

All lit up and I really like love how it turned out even with the drum
upside down. 


  1. how darling is THIS! love the colors - so elegant!


  2. Oh this is fabulous and I love the fabric...Yep, grey is the hot new color and you're on the cutting edge!


  3. Wow. This turned out great and I know how hard it was to get it right. Everyone makes covering a lamp shade look so easy but I, for one, don't think it is! The fabric is to die for. Happy Sunday!

  4. Hi Andrea! You did a fabulous job covering that shade! I love the fabric! Looks great!

    Lori : )
    Thrifty Decor Mom

  5. That looks so great! Good work I wish I was this crafty :)

  6. It looks great! Love the fabric and love that the drum is upside down - very unexpected!!

    Thanks for sharing at Simply Klassic Home!

  7. Hi Andrea!

    I love your new light fixture!

    I wanted to let you know that I have given you the Liebster award. Congratulations!
    For more information, go check out my post today.


  8. Andrea- this looks awesome! I'm so impressed!

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